Global News Relay Reflection

Last week, 17 journalism classes from Fresno to Beijing teamed up to deliver the latest from their corner of the world. Classes divided into groups and created short videos to tell their stories. The project is centered around something called solution journalism, which means each story was about making a positive change in the community. 

The link to the entire newscast is here, but if you don't have six hours set aside to watch the whole thing, Marquette's section starts at 2:14:05.  

As you can see from the video, my group covered a Midnight Run outing to St. Ben's, where people gather for a free meal, warmth, and company. Although I always get nervous for interviews, I had a wonderful time meeting the visitors and volunteers at St. Ben's and left with a good feeling about the Milwaukee community. 

This project taught me and my group members about working under tight deadlines. Because we are all so busy with other activities, the video was a huge challenge to finish within five days, but we pulled it off and had fun doing it. I think we all have good reporting skills and were able to conduct interviews with professionalism as well as friendliness. What did pose a challenge for us was the video editing process, because all of us are pretty inexperienced in that area. However, it was good practice and I think we all learned some new skills that will continue to develop throughout the rest of our time at Marquette.

One of the videos I watched came from the University of West England featuring an organization started with the intent to provide warm clothes to the homeless in Bristol. Right from the start it struck me how professional the video was, with smooth transitions, quality camera-work, and voiced-over narration. Some of the quotes from the source were really heartwarming and hopeful, though the use of only one source was unusual; I would've liked to hear from a few different voices. 

My favorite thing about UWE's first video was the similarities it showed to my group's project. Both were about efforts to help the homeless and less fortunate people in the community. Further, both Coats and Jackets Bristol and St. Ben's are trying to bridge the gap between different groups of people, and work towards a better future by offering kindness, respect, and a helping hand to anyone in need.