A Picnic Post

It's picnic season! I would consider myself a "picnic person" for the sole reason that I'm against eating at tables. I never formally decided that, but I've realized that, given the choice, I tend to stray away from the traditional table-and-chair setup. (And if I don't, I may or may not sit cross-legged in the chair. My adultness is overwhelming.) Anyway, I much prefer eat sitting on the floor, outside in the grass, or...laying on the couch...I mean, what?

ANYWAY, that's why it's a no brainer that I think picnics are the bees knees. We had two different picnics in the past week, but they were the same because the food at the first one was so good that we did a repeat for the second! 

I'm always looking for picnic inspiration that's a little out of the ordinary and fun, so I thought you guys might like what I put together. Plus, it's nice to have some good vegetarian/vegan and allergy friendly foods for any occasion. 

So here's what we've got! 

  • Carrot Pesto Salad (from right here of RSRF!) was an awesome main dish. Crunchy, healthy, refreshing, and delicious cold or room temperature.
  • Nectarine-basil skewers (bottom left corner) The combination of the ripe, sweet nectarine and sharp, herbal basil is a heavenly contrast. Throw in some mini mozzarella balls for a slightly salty note and you've got a ridiculously delicious + beautiful salad on a stick. Everything is better on a stick.

Because I love snacks and nibbles, (and buying cool things from the organic aisle at festival) We also munched on some kale chips (OMG SO GOOD) cherries, and root veggie chips. We drank cute little coconut waters in different flavors and had a grand old time...but we all know the star of the show was dessert. 

It was so important that I couldn't even decide what to make. So...two desserts. I'm serious. And they were goooooood.

For the first, I made some simple black bean brownies. I've tried once before with bad luck, but these nailed it. They'd be especially good with a little smudge of frosting. I used this recipe and added just a dash of vanilla.

Second and most beautiful if I do say so myself was these raw vegan berry tarts. They are teeny and adorable and super healthy and just lovable in every way. Recipe was adapted from here. I ommited the flax in the crust and used half macadamia nuts because we were low on cashews. I also didn't have tart pans, so I used a standard muffin tin lined with squares of plastic wrap. They were a little labor intensive, but totally and completely worth it. Yum.

I hope I've given you a few ideas to get your picnic inspo flowin'! Whether you pack a fancy-pants meal or just grab a few pbj's, get away from the table for a bit. Get out in nature, let loose, eat delicious food, and love life. 

Byeeeeeeee. :)