After XC

Hello hello! Wow, it has been a while. But what can I say? Life happens.

I'm kicking myself for creating a new "running" tab on the site at the beginning of the cross country season...and then neglecting it completely. I had the brilliant idea to share my blog that I keep for spanish class because I record a lot of running info there...but, oh yeah it's in spanish. 

After plowing through a recap sort of post for XC, I decided that I wasn't really feelin' it. I could've written about conference and sectionals, but I feel I have nothing new to say. I could've talked about how wonderful my team is and how much I'll miss everyone (true) but hello sappiness. Ain't nobody wanna read that. 

So, I figure I should just start with the present. After state, I always feel a little lost. Cross country becomes THE main part of my life during the final weeks (sorry calculus) and then suddenly it's all over. It feels kind of like when you're walking down the stairs in the dark and you think there's one more step but—augh! Luckily I'm signed up for another race coming up, so I at least have a little purpose, right? 

First up though, a day off. On Monday I came straight home after school, had a snack, and went for a beautiful long walk on a perfect autumn day. It was bliss. And the next day, I hopped right into training for the Midwest Regional Footlocker! So that's where I'm at, building back my mileage and strength in order to compete in about three weeks. I'm excited for the race and happy to be back to training hard. At the same time, I'll be ready to take a longer break after the Footlocker to recharge mentally as well as physically. 

That's all for now, and I'll hopefully get a recipe up for you guys in the next few days now that life has calmed down a little. Thanks for sticking with me!